democratic media please - real democracy requires the end of the for-profit media-advertising system

this is the weblog of my ongoing political expression — i cover for-profit advertising displayed in public space as a rejection of the entire for-profit media-advertising system that anti-democratically dominates our mainstream.

here is a short film that shows and attempts to explain what i do:

my actions are a practical intervention against the tangible form of outdoor advertising, but they’re also a symbolic protest against all the unsolicited for-profit advertising we are exposed to through all mediums (print, radio, television, digital).

advertising has only negative effects (driving over-consumption by pushing a value system that produces misery) and is an outrageous expenditure of resources (funding an “industry” thats only “productivity” is to actively harm our society, keeping us on a path of ecological destruction, and exploitative and murderous economics).

the protest calls for the abolition of all for-profit advertising in public space and media — this will cut the funding of the for-profit media companies that presently control our public political conversation and ‘cultural’ production.

it is a logical requirement of a democracy to have a public media-space that is run democratically — yet we’ve allowed our media system to be owned, run and funded by for-profit organisations (the richest 1%) for generations.

(by “public media-space” i mean the combination of public space and media that makes up our public political landscape)

our global “democracies” are illegitimately ruled by the interests of ultra-rich capitalists — if we are ever to seriously address this issue, and demand a system than makes real democracy possible, ending for-profit domination of our public space and media system is the place to start.

basically, our global system is so horribly unjust, murderous and ecocidal that i cannot live co-operatively within it — i feel the need to protest fully, and in the most directed and constructive way possible.

the protest i make is deliberately simple — as devoid of skill, originality, style, and aesthetic principles, as is humanly possible.

the democratic ideals and my commitment to them is all i want to be capable of impressing anyone.

we don’t have to put up with the anti-democratic for-profit media-advertising system — it remains only as long as we continue to allow it.

knowing the consequences of the for-profit media-advertising farce, i’m ‘happiest’ living in complete opposition to it…. i’m still very sad :(


kyle anthony magee.