this was the second coal port that myself and juliet lamont shut down (one year ago today), to coincide with the COP 21 summit in glasgow.

we intended to get footage out from inside the port, but security was a bit tight, they had two workers with flashlights positioned on the main conveyor, so we had to just focus on getting the port shut down. we were eventually spotted by one of the security guards as we made our way to the conveyor and had to run to pull the emergency stop cord and attach ourselves. these two photos at the top were the only photo we got out from inside the port (the bottom photo is us inside the coal port at hay point):


we made these videos with frontline action on coal before heading in:

as we were both on bail from the previous action at hay point, we were both refused bail in bowen courthouse by magistrate james morton, and held in custody until our court date in sarina court on the 9th of november. i was sent from the bowen cells to the mackay watchhouse, and juliet was sent to the women’s prison in townsville, which was quite a hectic experience for her. neither of us were transported to sarina for our magistrates court appearance. i appeared over the phone from the crowded front desk of mackay watchhouse. both of us were sentenced to time served and released that day.

this video was made back at camp binbee the day after my release:

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