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i’ve got a bit of catching up to do with my posts of the anti-coal protests i did while covid restrictions were making big-city life and activism unbearable/impossible. this will be the first of a few that will cover the whole queensland anti-coal period, and then i plan to return to my regular programming of democratic media systems advocacy (which is of course heavily interrelated with the issues of climate-change and sustainability)

this is the police body-worn footage of my “arrest”, while i had effectively super-handcuffed myself to the adani-owned port at abbot point (at the time of this lock-on the port was known as “adani abbot point terminal”, but since october 2020 it has been known as the “north queensland export terminal”, neither names capturing the entire purpose of the port, which exclusively exports coal).

i talked at some length about this particular abbot point port shut down in my previous post, if you missed it.

i got this footage from the police because i intended to plead not guilty, was representing myself and buzzing back and forth on my motorbike between bowen court and where my daughters live in northern new south wales. eventually i was unable to attend a court date because i couldn’t cross the nsw-queensland border due to covid restrictions. i had a phone court hearing to rebook for my next date in the whole laborious not-guilty-plea process, but i spontaneously got jack of the whole process and decided to plead guilty and get the whole bullshit behind me.

i had to listen to magistrate james morton tell me that coal would be around for decades and renewable power is stupid because all the solar panels in germany are covered in snow (i shit you not), but for my compliance i only got a 12 month “recognisance” of $1000 as a penalty (which meant there was no punishment unless i was naughty again in queensland in the next 12 months, in which case i would have to pay $1000)

this video is horribly boring, but documented here for the sake of documentation (of it)

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