so after my court case for the events of 22/03/19 was delayed a number of times (all “non-essential” cases being adjourned due to covid-19 restrictions), the cops have called me up mid-september 2020 to ask if i would consent to them dropping the charges against me.

very strange attitude to consent these police-folk have: they don’t ask for consent for all the deliberately terrible shit they do, but when they finally want to do something for me that could be regarded as positive, they check with me to see if it’s okay? i guess they were probably just asking me to sign something that undermined my legal grounds for later complaint, but i don’t know.

i tried to get some reasons out of the copper, i asked her if this was due to the “reluctance of the victim” to put a figure on the damage and the cloud over ownership, or because of covid-19-related court back-log, she said it was a bit of both… then i think realised she had said too much by saying anything at all and said nothing further.

so the charges are dropped now, and i guess the message i get out of this is that what i did was totally appropriate and i should probably do it again at my nearest convenience ;)

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