the university of illinois in springfield (u.s.a.) has held an event entitled “public/private subversions” on the night of october 3rd as part of the ecce (engaged citizenship common experience) speaker series.

more here:

the event is being put on by associate professor of political science richard gilman-opalsky, ph.d., who will moderate a discussion following the screening of a selection of video journalism from this website.

i think it’s excellent richard has gone to the trouble of staging this event, and it’s encouraging that he thinks what i’m doing raises important questions for modern democracies — i mean that’s precisely why i’m doing this.

i hope that the fact i find this encouraging won’t lead victoria police to try to extradite dr. gilman-opalsky and charge him with aiding and abetting an indictable offence — the same ridiculous charges the journalists who produced the films being shown have been handcuffed for.

i’ve already talked with one passionate student at uis, and i hear that the radical students’ union may have planned some ad-takeovers of their own around the campus — which is also excellent news.

i first heard of dr. gilman-opalsky when a friend sent me something he wrote entitled:

Unjamming the Insurrectionary Imagination – Rescuing Detournement from the Liberal Complacenies of Culture Jamming

which is well worth a read.

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