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so after two outings with minimal bad attitude and no interruption by tram staff or police, this time there was all three.

when the guy who called me an arsehole (just as he made his getaway on a tram) and the plain clothes tram cops where all clammering to question my behaviour i at first thought they were all just citizens, who were perhaps emboldened by their numbers.

was nice that lawyer showed up when she did and was willing to openly question the limits of tram-cop power.

i was surprised by the lenient police response, normally it’s a charge and a “don’t do this again today or else”, but no charge (except the transport act fine for “vandalism” given by the tram-cops) and a “move on” was all i got.

this was the police person who didn’t charge me another time, i guess he has some idea about things, it’s a wonder he made it through the psychological screening of the police ‘aptitude’ tests.

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