we’ve got a new date for the supreme appeal, the 23rd of august (we’ve had it for a long time, i just hadn’t posted it).

here are our submissions: supremesubmissions2012 (i say ‘our’ submissions but i really did nothing to produce them, that was all james and saul, i do, however, endorse the submissions).

i was planning on posting all the submissions, ours plus those of the ‘crown’ (prosecution/police) and the attorney general, but they haven’t submitted theirs yet, even though they were both timetabled to have done so by the 23rd of march and the 27th of april respectively.

it’s the ‘crown’ that’s holding up the show, because the attorney general et al. aren’t going to make submissions until they’ve seen the submissions of the ‘crown’ (prosecution/police).

the submissions that james and saul have prepared actually make the case really strongly.

my lawyer informed me that the ‘crown’ has appointed an SC (what used to be called a QC, queens councel, fancy-arse lawyer) to the case, which i guess means the ‘crown’ is taking it pretty seriously.

i’ve also been told that the victorian equal opportunity and human rights commission is going to intervene as well — don’t know what they want to say, i can’t really imagine them being on our side in this case, but it would seem wrong for them to be against us.

i feel like the supreme decision will be a bit of a fizzer — not really engage properly/sensibly with the questions of law i’m interested in.

what a stupid thing to have waited over 2 years for — i can’t believe my patience has held up for this long.

i just hope the supreme court appeal actually takes place on the 23rd of august despite the delays of the prosecution and both intervening interveners.

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