after a few delays, the date for a contest hearingĀ  in the magistrates court has been set for wednesday the 29th of september, 2010.

at a preliminary hearing, i think it was a contest mention, my lawyer, james anderson, submitted an application to have the case heard in the supreme court, as the argument has already been heard and defeated in the magistrates court in a different but factually identical case, and because the supreme court is a better place to have the charter interpreted (i think they were it anyway).

the whole thing was very confusing for all involved as something like this hasn’t really happened before, and despite the quality of the application, the format of which james devised himself, the magistrate decided after a recess that we had to take it to an actual hearing, a contest, before the matter could be referred to the supreme.

at the contest the case will be run in the magistrates court and then it will probably be referred to the supreme, or we will lose again and then appeal to the supreme.

anyone interested is welcome to come, not that you need my permission.

hearings start at 10, you will just have to look at the court listings to see which court the case of magee is being heard in.

i only ask that if you do come you show the same respect to the judge that i will be, as any disrespect will could be seen as having something to do with me.

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