a new international alliance, called subvertisers international, has been formed to join forces in resistance to the global onslaught of for-profit advertising in our public spaces and media system  — and anyone who wants to be a part of it, is encouraged to be (yes that means you, please join this movement).

the first subvertisers international week of action has been called for 22-25th of march 2017 (it’s a short week/not a week)

this is the logo of the multinational organisation you can get behind:

and here’s the pdf of the public call to action: SI_Public_Call_to_Action_2017

also the website is up: subvertisers-international.net

the organisation was formed largely by activists who “illegally” disrupt or replace for-profit advertising in public places — a variety of tactics are used by the founding members, and we want to unite everyone working on the same issue regardless of tactics, including all legal tactics available (consciousness raising, lectures/talks, workshops, rallies, street art, flash mobs, webinars, letters to parliament, etc. etc.)

i’ll be holding a workshop with friends on the 18th of march from 2 – 3:30 at hotshots in footscray, to discuss subvertisers international, the upcoming week of action, and connect people who are interested in participating — PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND COME ALONG!!

we can make this a pretty awesome thing :)

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