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another largely boring-as-batshit video, in the spirit of fully documenting this thing in all its tedious and subtly-apocalyptic splendour.

here’s my highlights:

at 1:30 — yarra trams ticket inspector starts pulling off the posters.

at 15:00 — friendlier yarra trams ticket inspector gives me the great idea of adding letters after my name to indicate my job title — i will now be know as kyle magee a.d.m.s. (p) (advocate for democratic media systems (professional)

at 15:40 — man shrugs off our corrupt media system as something we can do nothing about, as most of the population of the “free world” does.

at 15:40 — a very polite policeman (in casual, yet more militaristic, dress) questions me respectfully, says he understands, before wishing me a good day and departing.

at 25:40 — man says i’m stupid and should “put [my] own poster up” before another member of the public comes to my defence.

at 26:50 — funny tram driver thinks i’m a part of a “comedy company” that apparently did an ad-takeover thing last year.

at 28:40 — highly-strung and fast-talking yarra trams man gets very wound-up about private property.

at 30:50 — funny yarra trams maintenance worker shows up and declares he’s always wanted to be a movie star.

at 32:10 — funny yarra trams maintenance man asks me why i don’t “do something about the chickens, in cages and that”, and then during my boring and not particularly relevant or articulate response, prefers to check out a different kind of chick.

at 34:40 — funny yarra trams maintenance man spray paints over my explanatory posters, clearing the tram shelter of commuters with the strong stench of paint.

at 38:40 — cops show up, one of them having an awesome tattoo which demanded to be highlighted.

at 42:00 — sweet, newly-recruited cop excepts that i have no fixed place of address (naww, he hasn’t learnt to be a complete dick about everything yet, how cute), before being shown how it’s done by his off-sider.

i didn’t test the 24-hour ban from attending all tram stops, because i’d had enough for the day :(

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