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video, 18th december 2015


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so the police were finally able to “catch” me twice in one day.

excellent work by the journalists who called the bluff of the police and kept their cameras, sd cards and phones.

also excellent work by the most over-zealous yarra trams guy i have ever encountered — i mean we all love ads, but who among us is willing to get their hands pasty and actively defend them in the streets? it’s truly inspiring to see ordinary people defend the right of the obscenely wealthy to dominate the public media-space of our notional democracy — i’m sure the executive officers of the world’s diamond companies extended a personal thanks to this man and shared some of their blood money with him.

the police over-charged me with criminal damage, an indictable offence (meaning i can have it heard in front of a jury if i insist, which i of course do, which most likely means they will drop the charge) — just so that they can handcuff me, take me back to the station, and force me to sign an “i’ll be good now” bail agreeement.

i made a mistake, i couldn’t bear the guilt of ruining the family christmas by being in jail again, so i fucking signed it — i obviously forgot to ask myself: w.w.j.d.? (probably because i left my wristband in the 90’s).

the bail story is now long and incredibly dull, but i’ll tell it in the next post.

also here’s the audio from the police interview, they gave me a dvd but only the audio works: