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this was the first time i went out postering after getting out of the lock-up on the 6th of october, and giving my not-so-key-note presentation on the 16th.

i used all my paste covering 9 ad panels at three different stops, but the cops didn’t come, which was somewhat unusual — i wasn’t sure if the cops just didn’t bother to come after being notified, or if the tram company didn’t call them as they usually do for some reason…

anyway it was kinda nice to just go and get some lunch without having to stand around and go through the motions with some cop (it’s only ever one of them that speaks to you).

it was a particularly chatty outing, and my annoyance with the stuffy language i was unenthusiastically using to explain myself was perfectly highlighted by the gentleman with the beer (at 11:00), who eloquently simplified my verbose criticisms of for-profit advertising to:
“[it’s a] load of bullshit that’s stuck on everything”.

that gentleman made me want to take up drinking again (that’s not hard) and club all dem wankar werds outta me hed — i’ve been in the courts and the universities too much, or been reading too many books or something — those dicks have made me think i can’t have a worthwhile opinion unless i speak like a 19th century toss-pot — time for some “unlearning”, to find simpler, perhaps more ‘vulgar’, words to explain with no less meaning, but in a way that doesn’t put me and everyone else to sleep….

i’ve been going out every week since this video (6 times in total to this date), so more videos to follow soon :)

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