here is the video of the presentation i did for the local lives, global matters conference in castlemaine, victoria, 16th of october 2015:

download (889 mb)

it was the first formal ‘presentation’ of what i’m doing that i have ever done (outside the courtroom), and i did a pretty half-arsed job, fortunately there was only 10-15 people there including my friends (generous estimate).

i hadn’t prepared at all for the presentation before court on the 30th of september, because i thought i could well be in jail over the conference, so i only had a few days after getting released (while also having to move my family’s home from castlemaine to melbourne) to try and figure out how i would bang-on for most of the 1.5 hour time-slot i was given — consequently the “presentation slides” were mostly wordy que-cards to myself.

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