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pasted for about an hour before the police showed up this time (cut lots out obviously).

for your viewing tedium i’ve included the full 20 minutes it took several police officers to get this convicted criminal into a divi van and off the streets (for a couple of hours).

unfortunately the mic was turned off for the best bit: when the cop told me i looked pretty good for a homeless guy (the only identifiable impact of my bespectacled, hair-cutteded, “good shirt” get-up) — have to get a boom mic for next time.

much more tedium was to follow: they took me back to the station and put me in and out of a cell a whole bunch of times while they cataloged all my personal items, fingerprinted me, photographed me, and recorded a video interview — all because they had decided to incorrectly charge me with criminal damage, an indictable (very naughty) offence.

at my first court date, i refused jurisdiction in the magistrates’ court, which is to say i didn’t agree to have this matter heard in the magistrates’ court, instead i wanted to have this very serious charge heard in front of a jury in the county court (which is my right, should i choose to exercise it) — but after attending court on 3 separate dates, the prosecution quite predictably dropped the criminal damage charge (adding the summary (not so naughty) offence of wilful damage)  — all that good police work wasted, for shame.

now i have a full day hearing booked in the magistrates’ court on the 30th of september — all welcome to come and see my refreshing new courtroom approach (which i will explain in my next post)…

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