richards v magee heard in front of magistrate chambers — behold the resultant audio recordings in all their glory

first day, 22-04-14:


my evidence starts at 44 minutes if you want to go to the slightly more interesting bit — but it’s all intensely boring in my opinion, actually listening to my amateurish rambling is a little bit painful, oh well.

i didn’t realise until listening to this that i sometimes do that thing they say australians do, raise the pitch at the end of a sentence for no apparent reason (also known as high-rising terminal and derided in britain as the australian question intonation) — don’t know what that’s all about.

here is the second day, 24-04-14:


i can’t believe i did such a shit job of questioning those mocked-up ‘invoices’ on the first day of hearing — i think by the time i more clearly questioned the figures on the second day the magistrate had already decided to order compensation for the figures quoted, maybe she’d already put it in her computer and everything.

i’m appealing this case to the county court on the 19th of august — depending on how the supreme appeal on the 7th of august goes, i’ll either challenge the conviction and the sentence, or just challenge the sentence, meaning the compensation order (it is still unclear to me whether i will need to challenge both the conviction and the sentence to question the compensation amount, as i was convicted of causing the amount of ‘damage’ alleged by adshel).

of course i’m never going to pay the advertising companies anything, and i don’t care about my credit history, which is already fucked, but $42,473.60 is just a load of shit and i’d like to prove to the world that advertising companies can sometimes tell lies.

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