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video, 9th march 2014


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the way this film is edited makes it appear the police handled the ‘incident’ more efficiently than they did — a whole lot of boring shit has been cut out, including the police taking the names of everyone filming on the suspicion that an offence may have been committed, after that screaming yarra trams thing ‘informed’ the police that filming on public transport property is an offence (still yet to confirm whether there is any offence like that, or whether tram stops in the middle of public roads have been sold to private companies that provide our public transport).

when i was in the cell the policeman turned off my microphone — i had to instruct him as i was still hand-cuffed at the time. he then told me that i would have no public support and everyone knows what i did out there is damage, so any punishment i receive will not shame the justice system because it is completely justified. he also warned me that many people think they’ve got a great video but then they put it up on youtube and they get so slammed in the comments section they end up having to take the video down.

i told him i wasn’t putting it up on youtube, and that even if the majority don’t support what i’m doing i’m still going to do it to try and influence opinion.

the cuffs were taken off me after a couple of minutes but i remained in the cell until they had finished their paperwork and i was released on bail to appear in the magistrates court. i probably should have refused to sign a bail agreement because it is totally unnecessary for a summary offence and i should also have complained to the ranking officer about being arrested and hand-cuffed while being fully co-operative, but i just wanted to get the fuck out of there. i really must remember not to do anything like that again.

if your head appears in this video and you would like it not to appear in this video (and you are not a police person or a ‘satanic snitch’), email me: kyle [at], and i’ll get your face removed.