i was advised late december that a date has been fixed for the supreme court appeal hearing: 7th of august 2014, starting at 10:30 for an estimated hearing of one day.

an email i received from the o.p.p. today suggests the timetable will likely stretch out to make use of the time in the lead up — i’m presently working on my submissions and authorities as they are supposed to be in by the 14th of feb on the original orders, but perhaps the deadline will be extended a little.

also in late december i filed and served a further affidavit containing transcripts of all three hearing dates in the magis and a cd containing the audio, here is a copy: further affidavit

obviously the c.d. containing the audio from the hearings could not be converted into pdf format, so here is the audio of all three days of the magistrates’ court hearing:

first day of hearing (20th of august 2013):


second day of hearing (18th of september 2013):


final day of hearing (decision) (7th of october 2013):


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