on november the 4th (the 28th day (last day to appeal) after the decision was made on the 7th of october) i submitted my appeal to the supreme court registry.

i had to prepare three documents, and take them in to the supreme court registry in quadruplicate (a copy for the supreme court, one for the magistrates’ court, one for the office of public prosecutions and one for yours truly):

— a notice of appeal – outlines the questions of law and corresponding grounds of appeal.

— an affidavit in support of appeal – gives a timeline of the procedings so far and includes as exibits all the evidence and documents relevant to the prior preceedings.

— and a summons – for me to serve to the magistrates court and office of public prosecutions to get them to come to the directions hearing (where a timetable for submissions and notifications is set to lead up to the court date in the supreme).

the directions hearing is on the 21st of november, it is where i’ll have to convince an associate judge of the supreme court that i have legitimate grounds for appeal, am fully capable of representing myself and that the fashion in which my previous, somewhat similar, appeal to the supreme court was thrown out should act as no impediment to me appealing a decision on this different charge.

so basically i’ll have to wait until that date to know if the appeal is to go ahead, but i think there is a very good chance that it will be allowed, at least i hope there is.

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