another single incident charge is being heard at the melbourne magistrates court this thursday the 14th of november 2013 — starting from 10am in court room 1, from where i will be allocated to another court room with a different magistrate sitting in it.

this time the charge concerns postering over video screen advertisements inside flinders street station on february 27, 2013.

i was initially issued a fine, but contested it, so now i’ll have another opportunity to prove my innocence, which should be a piece of cake.

here are my¬†submissions, which are just an adaptation of the submissions i put to magistrate capell — although i added extra argument against the unforseen findings of magistrate capell: that my non-damaging postering expression somehow constitutes a threat of damage, and that the “interference” of my postering can somehow be considered unlawful and rolled into kyrou’s public policy considerations without first ruling whether or not the expression is protected by the charter, and could therefore be lawful.

i’ve also taken some parts out of the submissions and put them into my evidence script which i will perform from the witness box — this time i’m making sure i say everything that is relevant, so i’ve got about 5 pages of material to get through — about time they have to listen to my jibber jabber, god knows i’m sick of theirs, but i still sit through it.

in other words, the only way is up for my legal career.

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