was interviewed recently on 3cr by some friends doing the squatters and unwaged workers airwaves show — here is the link to the podcast: http://www.3cr.org.au/suwa/podcast/suwa-11102013

actually that podcast will expire one day probably, so here it is here:


3cr is an awesome actual real community radio station, meaning it doesn’t have ‘community messages’ from ‘supporters’ that just happen to be advertisements for multi-national for-profit organisations, like certain other ‘community’/commercial radio stations in melbourne do (rrr and pbs — if they want me to subcribe then they can stop doing ads, i’m not going to pay for commercial radio, you can’t have it both ways you dopey shits)

instead, 3cr has actual community announcements, like one from fitzroy community legal center telling everyone to only ever say ‘no comment’ to the police, and one from a protest group organising rallies against the construction of a new east-west road tunnel (that is a very silly way to spend money and which will need to destroy a few peoples homes). wow, actually community announcements, great, i think i want to give 3cr some money right now.

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