here is a bunch of sewn together photos of ‘this is how i’m fucked’ — what i did for an exhibition back in august 2011:

(it is probably best to download the image (by right clicking and selecting ‘save link as’ — depending on your browser/OS), then view it in whatever image viewer you have — it will display in the browser if you just click on it but that might be problematic as it is such a massive image — i can’t even view this image on my computer, it shits itself every time i try, so good luck).

this is how i’m fucked

i entitled the ‘work’ ‘this is how i’m fucked’, not because it describes how i am most commonly made love to, nor because i have unhealthily low self-esteem — just because with the world the way that it is, we are all fucked in some way, i attempt to explain my own ‘brand’ of fuckedness.

it was cringe-worthy when i did it, and it may become more so as time progresses and i begin to think past me was a dickhead in many ways (as seems to happen with the passage of time).

i wanted to be honest even about the more ugly, immature and unforgiving attitudes that i can embody (however brief and unfortunate their grip on me may be).

it was my attempt at explaining something as disjointed and multi-faceted as a person’s mentality on one wall — i hope i got somewhere toward the impossible goal.

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