the latest initiative in my ‘broadcast your ills’ project is an ‘art’ exhibition that my friend mister sam wallman invited me to do with him.

it is upstairs at brunswick bound (a book shop), 361 sydney road brunswick, saturday 6th of august, 2-4pm, stays up until october 2nd (maybe longer).

come watch me squirm, i might even have a full-on breakdown which could be interesting, although i’d probably just run away if that happened so you wouldn’t get to see much, maybe me storming out would be funny.

sam’s actually a really good drawerman so if you like drawings come look at some.

other news is that legal aid has finally granted us funding for all grounds of appeal to the supreme court which is good, they had previously only granted funding for one of three grounds of appeal without giving reasons, but the independent panel that reviewed and upheld the managing-director of legal aids’ initial decision changed its own decision on review of its earlier review and i am happy about that.

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