we got a very grumpy, rude magistrate man called mealy.

before he came out the clerk called him up and told him that they were ready in the court room and that she had put the chair the way he likes it.

the prosecution changed the damage value from $200 to $40.71, possibly because i spoke loudly to my lawyer in the presence of the prosecutor last time we were in court about how i thought $200 was a ridiculous amount and i was going to investigate to get a realistic figure – i didn’t end up investigating, due to laziness, saving myself precious effort.

my lawyer called me to give evidence by name and the magistrate asked ‘who is kyle magee?’.

i was then questioned by my lawyer about my motivation/beliefs for quite a while, it taking much longer because the magistrate made me pause after every sentence, or in the middle of long ones, until he had caught up with his notes, which made it very difficult to explain myself.

the magistrate was being so smart-arsed at me that (along with his interrupting of my flow) i almost lost my shit, engaged in some smart-arsed behaviour myself and was lucky not to flip my lid in a major way.

the magistrate snapped ‘can you be quiet!’ at the clerk because she had the audacity to do her job and type out what was happening on her ridiculously loud computer keyboard (she came back after a recess with one of those soft, roll-up (noiseless) keypads).

mealy is hard of hearing so the keyboard wasn’t helping him, he kept asking me to speak louder, i guess i am a little softly-spoken — i think getting a hearing aid would be a better approach to the problem than berating the court clerk for doing her job.

when the amount of time my lawyer estimated the giving of evidence would take was up, mealy abruptly told me to ‘get down’, my lawyer pointed out that no opportunity was given for the prosecution to cross-examine, to which mealy replied ‘what would be the point of that?’ or something similar.

my lawyer submitted his submissions, fittingly.

james, my lawyer, did an awesome job on the submissions which i’ll post eventually.

the court adjourned until the 29th of october to give the magistrate time to read and consider the 19 pages of submissions and to give the prosecution time to respond.

i look forward to being subject to the rude magistrate again and listening to him mash my words so that i sound like an irritated psychotic, me having no opportunity to reply of course.

i have no doubt this guy will rule against me, but then we will appeal straight away and hopefully i’ll get bail extended straight away.

all welcome to come along on the 29th of october.

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