these are some pictures a friend took of some ads i had painted out at some point or other, except the one that has ‘you don’t have too’ still visible, some friends did that one.

i started out painting over the ads methodically and completely from one side to the other.

that was firstly because i was dressed up as a workman so i thought i should paint in a workman-like way, then it just sort of became how i did it even after i dropped the costume.

the reason i started scribbling all over the shop was that i started getting interrupted (rudely) before i had finished so i wanted to obscure all logos, images, messages etc quickly before being apprehended.

i then thought sometimes that there was no point continuing to blank the ad completely as it was more obvious to an observer that the ad had been painted over (is that a good/important thing?) and that it looked better/more interesting (is that a good/important thing?).

the decisive reason was probably more likely that even though i had resolved to paint repeatedly in the same location until caught, i could bugger off after doing a half-arsed scribble job and avoid jail for a tiny bit longer.

in more recent cases the scribble job has only been successful in getting all ads at the location obscured before arrest.











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